Kuro5hin is Moving

K5 is moving to a couple of new servers, at a new hosting facility. We're not changing hosts, Voxel is just moving some of their machines to a new cage. The bad news is, this downtime shouldn't really be happening. The page you're looking at is on one of the new servers, which are up and running fine. The old servers are currently down and presumably en route to the new cage. The site was supposed to move directly from the old servers to the new without this downtime. But c'est la vie.

The good news is the new boxes are the first step down the road to an overall site upgrade and refurbishment. I'll be upgrading to the latest Scoop, which will allow me to get some new features up in the place, and get the design up to date with modern standards and so forth.

So I apologize for the missing site that ought to be here, and we'll have it back up as soon as possible. See you then.

Update! LilDebbie requested a general range of time when I expect the site to be back. I confidently predict that it will be up well before LilDebbie gets a life. And none too soon!

Seriously though, Voxel is like the walking dead at the moment, and I pity them so I'm not giving them a real hard time about it. It'll be back sometime on Tuesday. Won't it be nice to have a little K5 vacation? I think so. You should all take this opportunity to read a book.

Update The servers are found. We will be back tonight, for certain. I will expect book reports from all of you.